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4 x 4 Pulling

Dana Webster, Superintendent
2203 East Conway Road
Center Conway, NH 03813
Phone : (603) 939-2254 
Cell : (603) 662-7853

Matthew Bryant, Ass’t., Redstone, NH
Phone : (603) 356-2378

Rules and Information

Fryeburg Fair assumes no responsibility for loss, theft, or injury of any participant or property competing. As Safety is of the most importance, anyone not operating safely will be asked to leave the grounds. Any unsportsman-like conduct will be an immediate disqualification of the vehicle driver and pit crew, and any purses won will be reneged.

Judges decision will be final on any point of controversy, and any dis- agreement will result in disqualification.

The contest operational rules will follow the current National Truck Pullers Association (NTPA) rules for that class.

The following are rules for ALL CLASSES.

  1. Drivers must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Vehicle may enter a class only once.
  3. Driver must have complete control at all times. No Hot Rodding.
  4. All vehicles must be in neutral while being hooked to the sled.
  5. Driver must remain in seat during pull. Seat belts are required..
  6. Solid suspension allowed.
  7. No dual wheels
  8. KILL SWITCHES and NEUTRAL LIGHTS are mandatory. Location to be in the center of body over the hitch.
  9. Minimum of 2 lb. fire extinguisher must be loaded and in vehicle.
  10. All drivers will wear a snell approved helmet while in the pulling track, as well as full face shields.
  11. All NTPA rules will apply.

Class A - 4 x 4 (s)
1st place $200.00
2nd place $158.00
3rd place $120.00
4th place $89.00

Lot Description

  1. 6200 LB “A” - 4x4 Superstock
  2. 6200 LB “B” - 4x4 Superstock
  3. 6200 LB “A” - 4x4 Modified
  4. 6200 LB “B” - 4x4 Modified
  5. 6200 LB “A” - 2x4 Superstock
  6. 6200 LB “B” - 2x4 Superstock
  7. 6200 LB “A” - 2x4 Modified
  8. 6200 LB “B” - 2x4 Modified
  9. 8000 LB “A” - Pro Stock Diesel

Each class has to have at least three entries.
Trophies - Awarded for First place in each event.
Ribbons awarded for First through fourth place in each event. 
Registration is $15.00 per class only two classes are allowed. Registration, Announcer information, General inspection start at 2:00 PM. Pull starts at 5:00 PM, or as soon as horse races are over.

For more information contact Dana Webster or Matthew Bryant at above address.

NTPA Rulebooks may be obtained from: MSPA Secretary, 422 Riverside Drive, Eddington, ME 04428.