Garden Center

The Fryeburg Fair Garden Center  features educational booths focusing on annuals, perennials, shrubs, fruit trees, vegetables, etc.

It's going to be an exciting year with lots of variety and many experts in their particular endeavor!  Sunday 9/30:  Earth Worms and Their Benefits-Cassie Dove, Heart & Hand Monday; 10/1 Irrigation-When, Why & How-Rebecca Long, Maine Coop; Tuesday 10/2-Herbal Tinctures Quick and Easy-Judi Turdo, Heart & Hand; Wednesday 10/3-Irrigation-When, Why & How-Rebecca Long, Maine Coop; Thursday 10/4- Earth Worms and Their Benefits-Cassie Dove, Heart & Hand; Friday, 10/5-Honey Bee Queen talking about Honey Bees-Life & Pollination; Saturday 10/6 Bunny Berries Manure Edy; Sunday 10/7-Native Ground Covers Erosion Control-Wendi Bailey, Greenthumb Farms

Email Garden Center Superintendent Jen Coen and Asst. Superintendent Matt Coen; Phone 207-890-2388