Tractor Pull - Sunday, September 30, 2018 @ 4PM - Infield

Always the first night show at Fryeburg Fair, the Sunday tractor pull was Established in 1975.  Two tracks with non stop action with Farm, Mini Modified, 4 cylinder, V8 and  alcohol powered  tractors.

Superintendent: Tinker Kiesman
Assistant: Everett Danforth

Here's the details!

Tinker Kiesman, Superintendent
73 Toll Bridge Ln, Fryeburg, Me. 04037
Cell (603) 986-6640

Fryeburg Fair assumes no responsibility for loss, theft, or injury of any participant or property competing. As Safety is of the utmost importance, anyone not operating safely will be asked to leave the grounds. Judges decision will be final on any point of controversy, and any disagreement will result in disqualification. The contest operational rules will follow the current National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA) general rules & Maine State Truck and Tractor Pullers Assocation general rules. (MSTTPA)
The following are rules for STOCK CLASSES.

1. All tractors to be stock (NO ENHANCED) and checked for RPM’S.  Go strictly by engine RPM’S 3000 RPM max for 4 & 6   cyllinder, 3400 RPM max for V-8 cylinder.

2. Contest open to tractors with rubber tires. No 4 wheel drives allowed, no dual tires, no tire studs or chains are permitted. All power must be transmitted through the wheels.

3. Drivers 14 & 15 allowed to pull in stock class with parental permission and passing with certified farm tractor course with cert., Drivers 16 & 17 years of age are permitted to pull with parental permission. Drivers 18 yrs and older. Permission not required.

4. Each tractor may enter 2 classes.

5. Tire sizes 0-10,000 lb -18.4 Tire sizes, 12,000 lb - 20.8 Tire size.

6. Only 1 driver may drive the same tractor in each class.

7. Weight of tractor shall include driver, also driver must not leave seat of tractor while pulling.

8. Chain must be hooked to the following drawbar specifications. Minimum draw bar length is 18” from center of rear wheels to point of hook measured horizontally, drawbar to be stationary in all directions. Maximum height is 20” from the top of hitching device, perpendicular to the ground. Drawbar must be equipped with steel hitching device not more than 1” thickness, with a 3” diameter opening and crosssectional thickness must be 7/8” minimum. Pulling point may not be more than 1.5” from the back edge of hitching device. No supports can be attached to the drawbar. A. Draw-bars to be rigid with no movement allowed when ready to pull. Draw -bar specifications to be minimun length of 18” measured horizontally from center of rear axle to point of hook. Maximum height 70 to be 20” from the top of hitching device perpendicular to ground. Draw-bar to be a steel hitching device not more than 1” thickness with 3” diameter opening, cross-sectional thickness must be a minimum of 7/8”. Pulling point may not be more than 1-1/2” from the back edge of hitching device. No supports attached to draw-bar.

9. No portion of the tractor may interfere with the sled or sled hitch during the pull.

10. All weight must be safely secured to the tractor and must not extend rearward beyond rear tires 6” or be more than 13” in front of tractor to front of weight.

11. All tractors must be equipped with workable rear wheel brakes.

12. All tractors must have a strong and rigid seat; all tip seats must be securely fastened while pulling.

13. The use of stabilizer bars is strongly recommended.

14. All tires will turn in correct rotation.

15. There will be no ether cans on the tractor or in the driver’s possession while on the pulling track.

16. All tractors will use fuel originally designed for tractor.

17. All tractors will have the power take off shaft in normal working condition and not slipping.

18. Excessive oil and water leaks are subject to disqualification.

19. Any weight that falls off while under the green flag will be grounds for disqualification.

20. Contestants must pull at position drawn within 3 minutes of time the sled is at readiness. Any delay will mean disqualification. If presiding judge is notified he may drop a contestant having mechanical problems.

21. Any unsportsman-like conduct will be an immediate disqualification of the tractor driver and pit crew; any purses won will be reneged.

22. In case of a dispute or misunderstanding, the decision of the judges or superintendents will be considered fair, impartial and final.

23. Obvious consumption of alcoholic beverages will be grounds for disqualification & or barred from competition.

24. Any tractor that leaves course boundaries will be disqualified. Flaps are not included as part of sled.

25. Side shields are recommended, to be minimum thickness of 0.60”

26. No electronically controlled engines, includes no computers (laptops)

27. A registration fee of $15.00 per class will be charged for all classes.

Tractors - Sunday, September 30, 2018 4:00 PM
Class A - Tractors Class B - Tractors
Track 1 (Track Side) Track 2 (Infield side)

1- 6,000 lb Farm                              1- 3500 lb Farm
2- 8,500 lb Farm                              2- 4 cylinder 1650 lb Mini Mod.
3- 8,500 lb Pro Farm                        3- 8 cylinder 1650 lb Mini Mod.
4- 10,000 lb Farm                            4- 4500 lb Farm
5- 12,000 lb Farm                            5- 4 cylinder 1800 lb Mini Mod.
6- 8 cylinder 1800 lb Mini Mod.

Premium      1st                 2nd              3rd                4th
                     $154.00        $127.00       $94.00           $66.00

Pro Farm      1st                 2nd              3rd                 4th
                      $200.00         $150.00       $100.00        $50.00

For more information contact:

Mini Tractors - Jon Doody, 79 Chase Hill Dr., Westbrook, ME 04092 207-797-9596 or

Steve Andrews, 124 Maddox Farm Rd., Lyman, Me. 04002, 207-499-2205

Farm Tractors - Tinker Kiesman, 73 Toll Bridge Ln, Fryeburg, ME 04037, Cell-603-986-6640 or

Asst Everett Danforth, 939 Maine St, Stoneham, ME 04239, 207-928-2289