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Fryeburg Fair 2017 was a great year for photos.  We had our usual gang of photographers - Rachel Andrews Damon, Veronica Kugelman, Jane Lounsbury, Lori & Jason Candelora, Brian Merrill, Bessie Daniels, Amanda Welch, Ellen Guilford, Ed & Suzie Kinney along with some awesome guest photographers of the highest caliber including Heather Leach & Roger Marcoux of DragonFly Aerials, Alex Steed & the Knack Factory, Scott Linscott, Peter Jescke and Lawrence Jamieson.  Check out Fair photos on our FLICKR page and Fryeburg Fair's Facebook page. EVERY photo is downloadable and free in high resolution for our photo lovers, those who attend the Fair and Fair participants!  Yours to keep and our gift to you for coming to Fryeburg Fair!    

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If you have questions about Fair Photography please email Rachel, Fryeburg Fair Publicity.