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2024 Admission & Ride Tickets
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Dean Baker, Superintendent of the Independent Midway

Check out our Vendor Page if you are interested in becoming part of Fryeburg Fair.


The mission of the Independent Midway is to provide an atmosphere where our fairgoers have a choice of a variety of foods, including our health-conscious guests, plus other quality products. We provide a variety of foods including pizza, sausage, French fries, fried dough, Mexican, Thai, drinks and many other fabulous selections.

Fryeburg Fair provides a platform for a number of local not-for-profit organizations with a setting where their product get exposure to hundreds of customers over an eight-day period.

We have a passion for great service to our fairgoers, and building a lasting relationship with our vendors. Most of the vendors have been with us for decades and longer.



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2024 Admission & Ride Tickets