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Specialty Foods


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Jean Andrews - Superintendent Expos, Craft & Specialty Foods
Asst: Carol Hastings


The Specialty Foods Pavilion opened in 2012 and has been a favorite amongst fairgoers. With three years of development, the concept of the Pavilion came from the Fair's desire to provide a place for people to sell their local specialty products derived from local agriculture, the basic tenet of Fryeburg Fair's mission. The building will highlight the entrepreneurial spirit of the vendors who will spend 8 days marketing and selling their specialty products.

Jean Andrews, Superintendent of the Specialty Foods Pavilion says, "I believe we are the first Fair in the State to celebrate this growing industry by building a facility devoted to Specialty Foods and their producers. The Pavilion is beautiful and right next to the Agriculture Building. We have over 6,800 square feet and expect to host more than 25 vendors . We will have some fantastic products available from gourmet chocolate to brick oven baked bread and artisian butters. We'll also have barbecue sauces, Maine sea salt, honey, maple syrup, jams, jellies and coffee to name a few."

Andrews goes on to say, "These specialty food producers can use this opportunity to test market product, gain market share and build brand awareness and recognition. Not only is this a retail venue for them but an opportunity to interact directly with customers and gain insight for their business. For Fair visitors it is a great opportunity to support local small business and purchase wonderful specialty foods for use at home or for the holiday season."

"We want to support the connection between agriculture and the entrepreneurial spirit," Andrews adds with enthusiasm. "This is a great opportunity for so many who come to the Fair and Western Maine to enjoy foliage season, to take home something from the region that they can enjoy later. Everybody loves to eat or to bring back a special gift and it's very meaningful when it comes from someone who puts so much heart and soul into it."


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