Commercial Road

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Commercial Road

Click Here to email Jim Dutton with any questions.

Commercial Midway Application Procedures

If you are interested in applying for space on the Infield Display please follow these instructions:

Any time after November 1st

  1. Write a short letter of intent listing the product(s) you wish to sell. We try not to put competitors with same brand name products close together and that is why it’s important to list brand names and be as specific as possible.
  2. Tell us what size (frontage) space you would like. We’ll do the best we can to give you what you want but realize that most will ask for more space and we only have so much !! Depending on where you are located in the Commercial area the depth of the area may vary. The cost of the space is determined by the frontage foot and consideration given for total square footage and location.
  3. Be sure to include at least your name, address, telephone number(s), fax number, and email address.
  4. To be given the best opportunity for review you should send your letter by December 1st.
All current vendors and new applications will be reviewed and vendors selected that insure we have a variety of quality products and displays available for our patrons to view and purchase from.

Email your information to:

Jim Dutton

NOTE: We do not hold applications from year to year and no vendor space is “grandfathered”, therefore, it is necessary to apply as early as possible to be considered. Only items that are listed in your application and included on your contract can be sold. Any additional items must have the approval of the Superintendent prior to the fair.

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